How safe is traveling to Israel?

Travel in Israel is safe despite what media is constantly covering in southern Israel and Gaza. The situation in the south of the country is not affecting tourists moving around in the country as conflict areas aren’t areas where most people live. They certainly aren’t the areas that travelers visit. The main tourist areas – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, the Negev, Dead Sea and Galilee, remain as safe as always.

Crime rates are low. Tourists don’t have to worry about street crime.

Never the less you can never be too careful when visiting a foreign country. Stay vigilant at all times and save your emergency numbers for your peace of mind.

Call 911 in Israel

How to call 911 in Israel?

911 is the emergency number in United States as well as in a number of other countries. You can dial 911 while in Israel. You will automatically be redirect to a local number.

Calls to 911 are free of charge.

Some situations when you’d want to call 911:

  • Crimes in progress
  • Life-threatening situations
  • Fires
  • Traffic accidents
  • Hazardous chemical spills
  • Fire/smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarms that are sounding
  • Explosive devices
  • Elevator rescues
  • Fuel spills
  • Smoke in the building
  • Aircraft emergencies
  • Cliff rescues
  • Beach or water-related emergency

911 calls are usually answered within 60 seconds.

 Call 112 in Israel
Emergency call in Israel

What will happen if I call 112 in Israel?

112 is the European emergency number. This number is dialed free of charge from fixed and mobile phones everywhere in the EU. It will get you straight through to the emergency services – police, ambulance, fire brigade. EU tourists may intuitively dial 112 in an emergency.

On GSM phones, the number 112 is guaranteed to connect to emergency services, no matter what country you’re in. As with 911 in many countries 112 is programed to forward the caller to a local emergency number.

So if you are a traveler from Europe who dialed 112 or 911 don’t worry both calls will be forwarded to a local emergency and your phone will display “Emergency Call” on screen.

Local Emergency Numbers in Israel

Dedicated Emergency Number for Tourists in Israel


Police in Israel


Amulance in Israel

In an emergency you can call the ambulance 101 to request an ambulance or to find out about the nearest casualty department.

Terem is an urgent care center that offers a range of services under one roof, including x-rays and laboratory tests on site. Many of the doctors and staff speak English.

Terem Talpiot
Phone: 1-599-520-520
Address: 6 Yanovsky St, Talpio

Low-Cost Medical & Dental Clinic in the Old City Open to Tourists

Phone: +972-2-627-1958
Address: Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Road, Christian Quarter, Old City
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs: 9:00am – 2:00pm; Fri: 09:00am – 2:00pm (general doctor only); Sat: 9:00am – 1:00pm; Sun: closed

Emergency Medical Services in Jerusalem


First Aid in Israel

Terem City Entrance
Phone: +972-2-509-3333
Address: 80 Yirmeyahu St, Romema

Terem Katamon 
Phone: +972-2-561-2139
Address: 4 Gedud Haivri St, Katamon

Terem Bikur Holim Hospital
Phone: 1-599-520-520 extension 2
Address: 74 Hanvi’im Street


Hospital in Israel

Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem
Phone: +972-2-677-7111

Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus
Phone: +972-2-584-4111

Sharei Zedek Hospital
Phone: +972-2-666-6666

Bikkur Cholim Hospital
Phone: +972-2-646-4444

Fire Service

Firefighters in Israel

Electric Company

 Electric Company in Israel

*Open 8:00 am – 7 p.m.

Municipality and City information

Municipality in Israel

*Dialing number in general is 106 but for some cities it varies between 106-109. Complete list of hotline numbers in Israel can be found in this list.

Phone repair      166
Phone service     199
Time                       1455
Wake-up call     1475

Other Useful Information?

City Information Service – 106

Inquiries about telephone numbers – 144 (free of charge from a pay phone).

Information desk of the airport. Ben-Gurion – (03) 972-33-44, in Russian – (03) 972-33-66.

Dialing Codes

Jerusalem – 02

Tel Aviv and Yafo – 03

Haifa-Akko – 04

Galilee, Golan Heights and Nazareth – 06

The coast south of Tel Aviv, Eilat and the Negev desert area – 08

Coast north of Tel Aviv – 09

City Phones

City Phones in Israel

For example the cost of a call to Russia from a telephone box varies from 0.80 usd to 1.20 usd depending on the time of day. Calls from 20:00 to 08:00 are cheaper.

Small shops also have pay phones that work with coins. Per minute rate.

It is also worthwhile to first familiarize yourself with the rates of local telephone operators and choose the most favorable one, since the rates can vary greatly.

A call from a hotel is much more expensive than from a public pay phone.

Other Services

Again from outside Jerusalem, you must dial the city prefix (02) before any 7-digit phone number. 

From outside Israel, you dial only the (2) – without the zero – between the country code and the phone number.

Inside the city you do not need to dial the (02) prefix unless you are calling from a cellular phone.

WebsiteContact Number

Elderly Emergency Hotline
Social Welfare Department’s 24 Hour Crisis Line118
Telephone Directory144
Rape Crisis Center1202  Women 
1203  Men 
Hatzala Website1221 – Bike Rescue
Gihon Water Company*2070
Egged Website*2800
Terem Website1-599-520-520
Amisragas – Gas Corporation1-700-701-702
Poison Control Center04-7771900
052-263-4757 emergencies
Milev Center for Crisis Counseling 1-800-654-1111
Hikers Rescue997-3011/996-4870

Reverse search name for phone number in Israel


Public Transportation in Israel

Foreign Embassies in Israel

Foreign Embassies in Israel

AlbaniaEmbassy of AlbaniaTel Aviv03-5465866
AngolaEmbassy of AngolaTel Aviv03-6912093
ArgentinaEmbassy of ArgentinaHerzliya Pituah073-2520800
AustraliaAustralian EmbassyTel Aviv03-6935000
AustriaAustrian EmbassyRamat Gan03-6120924
BelarusEmbassy of BelarusTel Aviv03-5231259
BelgiumEmbassy of BelgiumRamat-Gan03-6138130
BelizeConsulate of BelizeHerzliya09-9519444
BoliviaEmbassy of BoliviaMevaseret Zion02-5335195
Bosnia-HerzegovinaEmbassy of Bosnia and HerzegovinaRamat-Gan03-6124488
BrazilEmbassy of BrazilTel Aviv03-7971500
BulgariaEmbassy of BulgariaTel Aviv03-6961378
CameroonEmbassy of CameroonRamat-Gan03-5298401
CanadaCanadian EmbassyTel Aviv03-6363300
ChileEmbassy of ChileTel Aviv03-5102751
ChinaEmbassy of ChinaTel Aviv03-5467312
ColombiaEmbassy of ColombiaRamat-Gan03-6953416/9
CongoEmbassy of CongoHerzliya Pituach03-5248306
Congo, Dem- RepublicEmbassy of Dem- Rep- CongoTel Aviv03-5248306
Costa RicaEmbassy of Costa RicaRamat Gan03-6135061
CroatiaEmbassy of CroatiaTel Aviv03-6403000
CyprusEmbassy of CyprusTel Aviv03-5250212
Czech Rep-Embassy of Czech RepublicTel Aviv03-6918282
DenmarkDanish EmbassyTel Aviv03-6085850
Dominican RepublicEmbassy of Dominican RepublicTel Aviv03-5277073
EcuadorEmbassy of EcuadorTel Aviv03-6958764
EgyptEmbassy of EgyptTel Aviv03-5464151
El SalvadorEmbajada de El SalvadorHerzliya Pituach09-9556237
EritreaEmbassy of EritreaRamat-Gan03-6129561
EthiopiaEthiopian EmbassyTel Aviv03-6397831
European UnionDelegation of the EU to IsraelRamat Gan03-6137799
FinlandEmbassy of FinlandTel Aviv03-7456600
FranceAmbassade de FranceTel Aviv03-5208500
GeorgiaEmbassy of GeorgiaTel Aviv03-6093206
GermanyGerman EmbassyTel Aviv03-6931313
GhanaEmbassy of GhanaRamat-Gan03-5766000
GreeceEmbassy of GreeceTel Aviv03-6953060
GuatemalaEmbajada de GuatemalaJerusalem02-6307625
HondurasEmbassy of HondurasHerzliya09-9577686
HungaryEmbassy of HungaryTel Aviv03-5456666
IndiaEmbassy of IndiaTel Aviv03-5270297
InternationalInternational Christian EmbassyJerusalem02-5399700
IrelandEmbassy of IrelandTel Aviv03-6964166
ItalyConsulate General of ItalyJerusalem02-5618966
ItalyEmbassy of ItalyTel Aviv03-5104004
Ivory CoastEmbassy of Cote d’IvoireRamat-Gan03-6126677
JapanEmbassy of JapanTel Aviv03-6957292
JordanEmbassy of JordanRamat-Gan03-7517722
KazakhstanEmbassy of KazakhstanTel Aviv03-5163411
KenyaEmbassy of KenyaRamat-Gan03-5754633
Korea-SouthEmbassy of KoreaHerzliya Pituach09-9510318/22
LatviaEmbassy of LatviaTel Aviv03-7775800
LiberiaEmbassy of LiberiaTel Aviv03-5611068
LithuaniaEmbassy of LithuaniaTel Aviv03-6958685
MexicoEmbassy of MexicoTel Aviv03-5163938
MoldovaEmbassy of MoldovaTel Aviv03-5231000
MyanmarEmbassy of MyanmarTel Aviv03-5170760
NetherlandsNetherlands EmbassyTel Aviv03-7540777
NigeriaEmbassy of NigeriaTel Aviv03-5222144
NorwayNorwegian EmbassyTel Aviv03-7401900
PanamaEmbassy of PanamaTel Aviv03-6960849
ParaguayEmbassy of ParaguayMevaseret Zion09-7679297
PeruEmbassy of PeruHerzliya09-9578835
PhilippinesEmbassy of the PhilippinesTel Aviv03-6010500
PolandEmbassy of PolandTel Aviv03-7253111
PortugalEmbassy of PortugalTel Aviv03-6956372
RomaniaEmbassy of RomaniaTel Aviv03-5229472
RussiaEmbassy of RussiaTel Aviv03-5226744
SerbiaEmbassy of SerbiaTel Aviv03-6045535
SlovakiaEmbassy of Slovak RepublicTel Aviv03-5449649
SloveniaEmbassy of SloveniaTel Aviv03-6293572
South AfricaSouth African EmbassyRamat Gan03-5252566
SpainEmbassy of SpainTel Aviv03-7697900
Sri LankaEmbassy of Sri LankaTel Aviv03-5277635
SwedenEmbassy of SwedenTel Aviv03-7180000
SwitzerlandEmbassy of SwitzerlandTel Aviv03-5464455
ThailandEmbassy of ThailandHerzliya09-9548412
TurkeyTurkish EmbassyTel Aviv03-7416900
UKBritish EmbassyTel Aviv03-7251222
USAUnited States EmbassyJerusalem02-6304000
USAUS Embassy Branch OfficeTel Aviv03-5197575
UkraineEmbassy of UkraineTel Aviv03-6273300
United Arab EmiratesEmbassy of the United Arab EmiratesTel Aviv03-80044444
UruguayEmbassy of UruguayHerzliya09-9569612
UzbekistanEmbassy of UzbekistanRamat Gan03-6722371
VaticanEmbassy of VaticanTel Aviv03-6835658
VenezuelaEmbassy of VenezuelaHerzliya Pituah09-9573363

How can you call 911 without service?

If you have no network signal, call 911 for help. This emergency call will transmit to the closest network tower to you, giving rescuers an idea of where you are located. No signal is emitted from your phone. But if your phone is turned off or dead then no signal is emitted from your phone.

How to set up emergency phone numbers on your cell

In case of emergency you sure would like to let specifics of your medical history known and notify your trusted contacts about the situation you found yourself in. Luckily, smartphones allow you to create a medical ID or In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact with your health information and emergency contact of choice.


Set up emergency contact on an iPhone

The iPhone has a Medical ID option that will inform others of your medical history and emergency contact information.

  1. Go to the health app on your phone
  2. Select Medical ID
  3. Edit so that it provides any medical and emergency contact information
  4. Select the option to show when your screen is locked

Set up emergency contact on an Android

Androids also have a built-in emergency contact information option.

  1. Go to your settings and search “Emergency information”
  2. Select the option to edit and enter your emergency contact information

Set up ICE info on any smartphone

Another way to make your In Case of Emergency number accessible is by making it your lock screen background.

  1. Go to the notes section of your phone
  2. Write down your emergency numbers
  3. Screenshot the note and save it as your screensaver

Label contacts

Lastly, if you don’t have a smartphone that has these capabilities, be sure you are labeling contacts correctly. Create a contact named “ICE” and put in your emergency contact’s info. It’s also helpful to label your emergency contacts with their relation to you. For example, use the contact name, “my husband” or “my wife.” This way, if you are in an emergency situation and someone finds your phone, they will know who they are calling.

For general informaion regarding COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, please visit the Ministry of Health’s official website. 

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