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1. Maps.me – Offline Maps App

Maps.me for Israel APPS TO DOWNLOAD

Maps.me is a mobile app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry that provides offline maps using OpenStreetMap data. It was formerly known as MapsWithMe. Search & discover, tourist guides and navigation available offline all over the world. 60 million users. Make sure you have enough free memory space on your device and download maps for the country of interest. It’s tried and tested. The app guide you to any location as long as you have your location enabled. No data use. This is especially a great app for those roaming.

 Offline maps for Israel APPS TO DOWNLOAD
 Offline Israel maps APPS TO DOWNLOAD

Download maps.me for iOS  Android

2. Google Maps – Offline

Google Maps is one of the most popular Map applications preinstalled on most mobile devices. To lessen the possible roaming data charges download offline maps in Google Maps. 

Open Google Maps and log in. Be sure you have Location Settings enabled. Then, tap on your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner next to the search bar. This will open up your settings. In your settings, navigate to Offline maps > Select Your Own Map. Then download a map.

Google maps Israel
Offline Israel Google Maps  APPS TO DOWNLOAD

Download Google Maps for iOS Android

3. GETT (TAXI) – Taxi App in Israel

Gett taxi in Israel

How to get taxi in Israel? One of the top and most used taxi apps in Israel is Gett. The app used to be called “Gett Taxi” and remains a popular way for ordering a taxi in Israel. There is also a Gett Kid app, which allowes to order a cab with a car sit for your baby. Drivers accept cash and credit cards. The app provides full information on  driver, monitors the location of the taxi and gives the arrival time of the cab.

 Taxi app for Israel APPS TO DOWNLOAD
 Taxi app for Israel

This app can be downloaded in the App Store & Google Play Market both inside and outside of Israel, and works in English, offering quick and efficient taxi service while in Israel.

Download Gett for iOS, Android

4. YANGO – Taxi App in Israel

Just to be on the safe side here is another popular taxi service in Israel to have pre installed on your phone before traveling to Israel – Yango the taxi app. Yango (an abbreviation of Yandex Go) is a ride-hailing and delivery service operating in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and available via a mobile app. Yango was launched in October 2018.

 Yango Taxi app for Israel
Order taxi in Israel

Download Yango for iOS, Android

5. Moovit – Public Transportation in Real Time

Public transport app in Israel

If you are planning to get around in Israel via public transportation, which for one will be cheaper, have Moovit on your device. It tracks trains and buses in real time. It builds and optimizes your rout with consideration to public transportation and gives you the most optimal route whether you are traveling by car, train, bus, by foot or bicycle. Most of the tourists who come to a foreign country do not know how to travel by train, bus or taxi service. The app will guide you all the way until your endpoint.

Moovit app for Israel
Moovit app for Israel

Download Moovit for iOS, Android

6. WAZE – Traffic Jam Detector App

Waze Israel

If you are traveling by car WAZE will alert you on all the traffic jams on your way and in the whole city. Waze was developed and launched in Israel but is available all over the world. The information about the volume of traffic updates automatically, and you can monitor the traffic online. And its accurate as users automatically add information about traffic tie-ups in real time – without actually inputting information. Waze is free, in keeping with its 2006 roots as an open-source project called FreeMaps.

 Waze traffic jam Detector Israel

 Waze traffic jam Detector Israel

Download Waze for Android | iOS

7. Star Phone – Businesses Directory App

Star phone is phone directory app with listings of local businesses, contacts and booking apptions. You can research cafes and restaurants, check out the menu, have an instant chat with the employees  and place and order all within the app. But not only that, you can any organization and place an instant call right from the app.

Business app Isreal
 Starphone business app Israel

Download Star Phone for iOS, Android

8. WiFi Map

WiFi Map is a handy little holiday app that helps you stay connected, wherever you are in the world, without eating into your data. Search by location to find the nearest WiFi hotspots, along with their passwords – there are over 100 million free hotspots on the database! Download offline maps to pinpoint places where you can connect while you’re travelling without worrying about roaming charges. Or get a local sim with tons of data and don’t be dependent on wifi spots.

 WiFi detector app
Wifi detectior in Israel app

Download WiFi Map Android

9. QR Code Reader

Have a QR code reader installed on you phone before hand. Surely you will encounter places that offer more detailed or a historic overview.

QR code reader apps

QR code reader for smartphone

10. Google Translate

Google Translate App

Visiting a foreign country where people don’t speak your language is always a concern. Google translate is a way to overcome the language barrier at least to the extent of getting by during the time of your visit. One of the most useful features is the instant camera translation. Point your camera at a sign, or menu and the app will translate it for you in 38 different languages, including Hebrew. Google Translate is good enough at translating complex or multiple sentences. It doesn’t promise you perfect grammar but you will get a sense of what is going on.

The app has a recent update, giving tourists a chance to take a picture of a menu or a sign and translate it into English using the app.

Download Google Translate iOS, Android

11 Airbnb – Budget-friendly Apartment Rentals

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in that locale. It currently covers more than 100,000 cities and 220 countries worldwide. Airbnb allows users to search for and find unique accommodations across the world, from cozy B&Bs for a night, to a small apartment for a week, or even a castle for a month. There’s no shortage of quirky and unique establishments. Airbnb covers a range of prices in more than 34,000 cities across almost 200 countries. You will be sure to find an accommodation that suits the needs of those traveling sole, with families or group of friends.

 Airbnb app for Israel

Download Airbnb iOS, Android

12 Hotel Tonight – Last Minute Hotel Rooms & Discounts

Hotel Tonight is a free app for iPhone and Android. It has been around since 2010, and it has a pretty basic premise: to find you a hotel immediately. So if something went wrong on your trip and you found yourself in need of last minute accommodation, check out the Hotel Tonight for last minute hotel rooms. You can also get discounts on vacancies and same-night accommodations even from top-rated hotels. Users can search by category and quality such as Basic, Hip or Luxe. And you can view information on nearby hotels & book accommodations from within the app.

Hotel tonight App for Isreal

Download Hotel Tonight Android, iOS

13. TripAdvisor – Advise from Other Travelers

TripAdvisor is a crowd-sourced guide to hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide. The app allows you to browse through plenty of reviews, images and videos featuring various establishments worldwide to get a better idea of what awaits you at your destination. 

You can sort nearby establishments by type, price range or rating; check out air fares; and add to the knowledge base by posting your own reviews, images and entries for the places you visit. There are even some handy “Near Me Now” features to alert you of nearby points of interest once you’re on the scene.

Tripadvisor app
Tripadvisor app Israel

Download TripAdvisor:iOS, Android

14. XE Currency – Currency Converter App

XE Currency

The XE Currency app will convert to and from almost all currencies and will be a big help when trying to work out if the taxi driver has just conned you out of your hard-earned cash. Israeli Shekels are included in currency list and exchange rate is updated during the day so the conversion is accurate. XE Currency is available for iOS and Android.

Download XE Currency: iOS, Android

15. Tripcoin – Log Expenses, Stay on Budget, Get Stats for Next Trips

Travel budgets are touch to manage. Especially if you are visiting a country for the first time. You might find yourself in situations that will cost more expensive to get out of. More often than not, you can end up spending most of your trip savings along with the emergency funds by the end.

Tripcoin is an iOS app that helps you to manage and track expenses on your trips, no matter what currency you’re spending in. 

To get started, fill in all your details and later have an option to download or export the reports to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. The app allows you to take pictures of the receipts and provides cloud backup too.



The app does not require internet connection.

Download: Tripcoin for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

16. Red Alert – Terrorism Alert App

This is just in case application to have for traveling to Israel. Red Alert provides real time alerts every time a terrorist fires rockets, mortars or missiles into the State of Israel.

Red Alert – Terrorism Alert App
Red Alert – Terrorism Alert App

Don’t be alarmed, Israel is one of the safest countries you will ever visit as a tourist but its always a good idea to be emergency ready.

Download Red Alert: iOS, Android

WhatsApp is a popular messenger powered by Facebook. Many of us use it anyway. But if you are not you might want to consider downloading it as WhatsApp is a popular messenger in WhatsApp. Many businesses in Israel provide this option for an instant Q&A about their products and services.

WhatsApp Israel

Download WhatsApp for iOS, Android

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