* Customers who ordered a SIM Card and their trip has been canceled can contact us and we will suspend/postpone / etc. their order.
* If you are interested in coming to Israel for a future date, it’s better to order now, and get your SIM Card on time.
* We are here at your service for any changes, questions or issues.

Pick-up your SIM card in Tel-Aviv

Go to the shop at this address:

64 Ben-Yehuda Street, Tel-Aviv
Link to Google Maps

pick up an israeli sim card from tel-aviv locker

This shop is always open and available.

How to open the locker:

At the computer terminal –
PRESS THE RIGHT BUTTON (RED) to open the locker:

open the simtoisrael locker in tel-aviv

PRESS locker number: 33:

select simtoisrael locker number 33

TYPE this code: 223366:

type simtoisrael locker code 223366

Go to the wall of lockers –
Locker #33 will open:

wall of simtoisrael locker 33

Take your SIM card:

Look in the box –
Take the Envelope/s with the Serial Number/s that we sent you in our “order confirmation” email.
Your SIM card in this envelope is active and ready for your use.

Take active SIM-Locker-envelopes serial number-example-simtoisrael

Before leaving:

Check the SIM is working,
Then please close the locker door.

Contact us for any question.