* Customers who ordered a SIM Card and their trip has been canceled can contact us and we will suspend/postpone / etc. their order.
* If you are interested in coming to Israel for a future date, it’s better to order now, and get your SIM Card on time.
* We are here at your service for any changes, questions or issues.

Pick-up your SIM card near Ben-Gurion Airport

Go to the “Dor-Alon” Gas Station:

Link to Google Maps

Link to Waze

This is located near Ben-Gurion Airport on the way to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Dor-Alon Gas-station simtoisrael locker outside

The Gas Station and locker are always open and available.

Open the Locker:

Go to the bottom locker –
TYPE this code: 7777 then
PRESS THE GREEN BUTTON to open the locker.
The locker will OPEN.

Open simtoisrael locker near ben-gurion airport-type code in keypad

Take your SIM card:

Look in the box –
Take the Envelope/s with the Serial Number/s that we sent you in our “order confirmation” email.
Your SIM card in this envelope is active and ready for your use.

Take active SIM-Locker-envelopes serial number-example-simtoisrael


If you can’t find your envelope:

** Take a spare SIM card from the stock of “spare SIM cards” in the locker and send us the SIM card number.

The SIM number is on the back of the card, under the barcode:



We will activate it for you once we see your email / message.

Before leaving:

Check the SIM is working,
Then please close the locker door.

Contact us for any question.