* Customers who ordered a SIM Card and their trip has been canceled can contact us and we will suspend/postpone / etc. their order.
* If you are interested in coming to Israel for a future date, it’s better to order now, and get your SIM Card on time.
* We are here at your service for any changes, questions or issues.

International Calling

Customers not from USA or Canada

woman making a call using an Israeli Cellcom SIM card

When purchasing your Israeli SIM card:

For the “where do you live?” question, select “Other”:

You can then choose to add international calling credit (this is valid for 30 days from your arrival date).


Search below for the country that you want to call from Israel to see the price per minute per country:


International Calling prices

(All the prices are in USD)
Price per Minute per Country for each package size

International calling credit package prices:

How to make international calls:

* Dial *015

* Wait for the voice prompt to complete (English).

* Enter the phone number using this format:
00 – country code – number # (hash / pound)

** For example: to call a UK number enter 00-44-2012345678#

* The call will be connected.