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How to use your Israeli Pelephone SIM Card

woman making a call using an Israeli Pelephone SIM card

Did you purchase a Pelephone SIM card from us?

See below for instructions in various topics:
How to make calls, access voicemail. text, connect to the internet and more.

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Our Israeli SIM card will work in any GSM Unlocked phones.
Before arriving in Israel, please contact your mobile carrier to confirm your phone is unlocked.

Also, make sure that the SIM PIN is DISABLED in your iPhone settings:

iphone cellular sim pin simtoisrael

Local calls

How to make calls from Israel:

  • How to call a local number in Israel: Dial the 10 digit phone number without the Israel 972 country code, for example: 05x xxxxxxx

  • **How to call an International number from Israel: Dial the Israel international access code 00, then your destination country code and then the phone number, for example: 00-country code-number

Calling Israel from a different country:

  • Call a local Israeli number: Dial the country code and then the phone number, for example: +972 5x xxxxxxx or 00972 5x xxxxxxx

  • **Your USA contacts can call you to the USA/Canada number assigned to your SIM card: They will dial your local USA/Canada phone number without any international prefixes, this is the same as they would dial a local call.

**This is ONLY for packages to the USA/Canada:

Use only the 00 prefix for international calls otherwise you may incur additional charges.

International calls

International Calling Options:

Customer from the USA or Canada:

Your SIM card/s will be loaded with a virtual USA or Canada phone number for unlimited USA/Canada outgoing calling.

For USA/Canada customers - Calling to USA/Canada from Israel:

* Dial the phone number using this format: 00 – country code – number
** For example: to call a USA/Canada number dial: 00-1-1234567890

Customer from other countries (not USA or Canada):

During purchase, in the "where do you live?" question, select “Other”:
You can then choose to add international calling credit (this is valid for 30 days from your arrival date):
Click here to see the price per minute per country.

Customers who loaded international credit can make international calls:

* Dial *015
* Wait for the voice prompt to complete (English).
* Enter the phone number using this format: 00 – country code – number # (hash / pound)
** For example: to call a UK number enter 00-44-2012345678#
* The call will be connected.


Android users

Usually the SIM card will assign settings automatically.


Settings Data Usage (or Mobile Networks) Check that the “Mobile Data” (or “Data Enabled”) is ON

Dial *9999 extension: 1
The call will disconnect and send you the updated APN setting according to the device that you dialed from.
You can also send a blank SMS to 9999.
Install the APN settings according to the instructions that you receive in the text message.

or Manually define the APN settings:
Settings More Settings / More Networks Mobile Networks Access Points Name,
then press the MENU button,

Click: NEW APN and apply only the following settings:
Name: Pelephone
APN: internet.pelephone.net.il
Username: pcl@3g
Password: pcl
SAVE it and then Select it.
Do not touch on the other settings.

iPhone users

Usually the SIM card will assign settings automatically.


Settings → Cellular → Check that the Cellular Data in ON

Settings → General → Reset



  • If your phone has dual-sim slots use our Cellcom SIM cards only in slot # 1.
  • The SIM card will search for the mobile network and log on automatically.
  • Insert the SIM only after landing in Israel, and while the phone is turned off.
  • If you do not have network, please turn off the phone and take out the SIM card. After that, insert the SIM card back and turn on the phone.
  • Calls to 144 (Directory Inquiries) 1800, 1888 and 1900 numbers are not included in the package, therefore, calls to these numbers may incur additional charges.
  • We strongly recommend that you use WiFi for data-intensive activities, for example: streaming videos, uploading and downloading pictures, Skype voice calls etc.

Dialing to the voice mail is: *151

The initial password is: 1234*

*If it is not working, call us and we will reset it.

The SIM frame and packaging contains your PUK #

Please keep the SIM frame and packaging as it may be required for customer service.

Our SIM Cards don’t support sending international text messages

We therefore recommend using messaging Apps, such as WhatsApp, Skype etc.


Using WhatsApp:

Download ‘WhatsApp’ while you are still abroad, and stay connected with all your ‘WhatsApp’ contacts after landing in Israel.

See how to use Whatsapp with our SIM cards.

You are welcome to connect to Israeli Apps or services (such as Taxi or Parking services) using our SIM cards.

After that, make sure to disconnect and remove your personal information from the Cellcom SIM card before leaving Israel.